Pellet burners Ustor Lux - easily maintained, comfortable and modern heating system with pellets for residential, public and commercial premises. With pellet burner BurnPell you can burn wood biomass pellets. Pellet burners Ustor Lux come in various capacities and best suited to work together with the boilers with heating power ranging from 2 kW to 32 kW.
Pellet burners could be installed in:

  • heating boilers;
  • any furnace or stove, which is using gas, liquid or solid fuel;
  • bakery stoves;
  • drying ovens.

Heating with pellets is one of most ecological heating types, because:

  • low CO and CO2 emission;
  • combustion efficiency up to 99%;
  • burning renewable energy sources - wooden sawdust and other biomass pellets;
  • fire is almost smokeless;
  • the ashes, remaining from burnt pellets, are an excellent organic fertilizer. 

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  • Controller (Ustor Lux) is a modern microprocessor device which controls the burner pellet. Implement advanced control algorithms and the flame sensor provides ease of use and complete automation of the combustion process. Use a large graphic display provides easy and transparent interaction between the user and the device. The screen displays the diagrams of the hydraulic system and the boiler. The controller is also adapted to work with a central heating pump. The controller can connect additional control circuits, ie. The pump module hot water (control pump hot water circulation pump and underfloor heating) and modules mixing valves (driver actuator valves and pumps). Connecting additional systems automatically activate additional control functions.

    - Control of feeding, 
    - fan control, 
    - control of ignition, 
    - control of central heating pump, 
    - pump control domestic hot water tank * 
    - Control of circulation pump for domestic hot water tank * 
    - pump control for underfloor heating system *, 
    - control valve mixing and mixing pump (3 pieces) *

    * After connecting additional control modules


    - LCD graphic display 192x64, 
    - transparent animated menus ensure easy operation, 
    - plumbing on the LCD screen 
    - three kinds of setting temperatures: manual, time, weather, 
    - four temperature time programs with weekly calendar, 
    - the possibility of connecting the room thermostat 
    - full automation of the combustion process with automatic firing up, 
    - protection against overheating 
    - flame sensor 
    - external temperature sensor 
    - water temperature sensor heating, 
    - control of fan speed, 
    - a system of communication between additional modules 
    - cooperation between the additional module pumps: hot water, circulation and podłogówki, 
    - cooperation between additional modules mixing valves: mixer and pump,


             Pellet burners  + Controller + Feeders do pellets;

  •  user manual and service; 
  •  a set of power cables (power supply, feeder, fan, pump CO) 
  •  set of sensors CO, weather and flame; 
  •  cables with connectors and junction box to the burner;